Top 15 countries you should invest in Real Estate [2020]

invest in real estate

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Real Estate is land and any property upon that land. It has always been one of the most valuable assets on the market since it provides shelter for humans. Especially for investors who want to invest in real estate

It’s worth the investment. But you have to study and research the market to know which Real Estate is best investing in as there are times when there are bad and unworthy lands and property.

There are different countries with different laws regarding this market.
Many of these countries offer properties that will always increase in value.

But the income you will invest plus the worth all depends on different factors.

In this list, you’ll find the Top 15 countries you should invest in Real Estate [2020]. In this list, however, some countries are more attractive than others.

1. Panama


It’s a Central American country which is rising due to it trade deals with China.

It’s beaches and nightlife are making it a good destination for tourists. It has a growing number of business travellers.

With high rental yields and low taxes. Investing now will mean a good choice as the value of your property, as well as the rent you will be paid will always appreciate.

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2. Thailand

Thailand is huge in tourism with Bangkok been the most visited city in 2018.

It’s has a strong economy and Real Estate investment yield of around 10%. Foreigners can’t own land but they can buy condos and it’s well profitable.

3. Brazil

Fortaleza is a Brazilian city at the nothern east coast and it’s a property investment hotspot.

It has tropical beaches and nightlife. And seeing the rise in international tourist attractions and the currently low Brazilian currency (Brazilian real) which shall rise, investments will be a gold rush soon.

Some Real Estate experts predict yields of about 15% and above on Fortaleza.

4. Portugal

Portugal offers a wide variety of culture, nightlife and beaches.

With properties that are been renovated which may make you spend more than the purchase price, at the long run it’s worth it.

5. The Phillipines

The economy is on the steady rise and has good conditions for foreigners who want to invest in Real Estate.

Conditions such as high rental yields and low taxes of just a little below 4% make real estate investments favaourable for investors.

Foreigners are not allowed to own land but can own condos and office spaces.

6. Turkey

Though people have been quite reluctant to invest there because of the political instability since 2016 but it hasn’t affected the economy as it is growing strong.

In 2018, Instabul was the world’s 9th most visited city.

You can go for one of the Real Estate at their beach resort. And properties are at low prices so it’s always good for investors without large sums of money.

NOTE: Investing or doing business in the real estate industry requires in-depth research as well as analysis of the market and government laws. As with any other venture, you need a solid business model, and if you’re in need of business model ideas with examples, I’d strongly recommend you check out this article

7. Mexico

The country has for sometime being getting defamed for their drug cartels.

But not everywhere is a danger zone.

Make sure to do investigative findings among residents/natives so to know where to stay away from.

If you invest your Real Estate property at Cancún and Playa del Carmen, your investment will be rightly placed away from danger and will turn up good yield.

8. Indonesia

It’s a South east Asian country with 17,000 islands.

It has one of the highest average yield on property at 8.6%. Hence, it’s a good choice to invest in real estate

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

It’s a Central American Country with Pacific and Caribbean coast lines, large rain forests and has a large number of tourists.

It has high yields and incentives of low taxes on rentals.

The government always looks forward to aiding foreign investment in there, so getting a property is hassle free, straight forward, and at reasonable prices.

10. Barbados

A tropical island that has breath taking views.

It has one of the world’s best attractive Real Estates with incentives of low interest rate.

11. France

France doesn’t have a good yield rate (amount).

Properties are extremely expensive there and the more expensive a property the lower the yield.

As of 2019, France is the most visited country in the world with 89 million yearly visitors.

Hence, it’s a highly visited country, so be rest assured that your property will be booked all year round.

Values are always going up and at the end of the day when you sell you will always profit largely from it.

12. Belize

Located at Central American Caribbean Coast.

It has a lot of beaches and breath taking views. When you invest in short term rentals at a good location it can give you around 8% yield.

13. The United Arab Emirates

This is a state with an all high demand for rental property.

Rental tax is 5% and also with the low income tax it will mean more money for tenants to pay rent.

14. Cyprus

Mediterranean island is getting a lot of attention for it’s nightlife and beaches.

It’s home to a lot of business travellers.

Their government has the lowest rental tax of 0% to encourage business travellers.

15. Croatia


Foreign investment is rising fast due to bookings in the tourism sector.

It’s sure that your property will be surely booked for short term rentals whether you are willing to rent to the business travellers or the tens of millions of tourists who visit each year.

Notable mention


Japan is the richest country in Asia in terms of GDP, and it also happens to be a highly developed country.

The country is a good place to invest in real estate as it reportedly gets over 31 million tourists on a yearly basis. Hence, there will always be a demand for accommodation and family stays in the country.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Japan is one of the safest places on earth. This tends to attract foreigners into the country either for the purpose of settlement or visitation.


In wealth building and investments you have to be frank to yourself through your research so as to invest your money were the gold mine is.

But you have to note that you can’t put all eggs in one basket and Real Estate is a good choice when you choose to diversify your portfolio.

That’s why Billionaires and Millionaires round the world no matter their industry have a taste for Real Estate.

It’s an essential market!!!

Question; Having this information at hand, where will you love to have your Real Estate investment ?

Thank you for reading at WealthOnPoint.

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