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WealthOnPoint is an online platform which provides guides, tips, services & insights into/on business, marketing, investments & finance. It also provides various services for entrepreneurs & persons across the business & marketing sector.

Our Story

WealthOnPoint is an online platform and a subsidiary brand of the Otaku Group, whose founders are two young curious creative minds. Our names are Theobald Igberaese and Osadebawmen ‘Deba’ Emmanuel Edoma 

We have known each other as far back as boarding middle school from grade 6(Junior Secondary School 1) in 2008. And as kids we have always been curious about the world around us and about our community.

We however went our separate ways in 2014 when we finished high school and didn’t see or hear from each other till late 2019. Then, our curious minds met again and found us always discussing about the future ahead of us, what life’s freedom really entails and with every conversation we continually realized…

…that financial freedom is the answer to  our ever unending young curious minds.

We decided to form and build a brand together. In the course of building, we also couldn’t help but share our ideas with the rest of the world, thus, we created WealthOnPoint, an online platform through which we could help people learn & understand business, marketing, investment and finance in order to help them gain financial freedom.

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We look forward to always having creative discussions and sharing innovative insights here.

Thank you for reading at WealthOnPoint.

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