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Seize advantage of our expert business & marketing consultation services. We offer various solutions such as business advice, business plan set up, competitor analysis, market research and lots more that will skyrocket your business to higher heights.

What we offer

Business plan set up

We will analyze your business and create a fail-proof business plan for you

Business model set up

We would help you set up a suitable business model which would be easy for you to scale and maximize ROI

Market research

We provide complete market research to help you better understand your niche, industry and customers

Target market analysis

Our dedicated team will analyze your business and help you pinpoint your customers and target audience

Competition analysis

We provide analysis on your competitors therefore showing you their strategies, their model as well as their customers

Business/Marketing advice

We are keen on providing you with the best advice on business and marketing

Feasibility study

Our feasibility studies helps you determine whether or not your desired business or niche is profitable and viable

Business analysis

We will analyze your business and it's operations in order to come up with the solution it needs

Problem idenftification & solving

We apply our expertise to identify and solve the problems you have in your business so you can keep running smoothly

How we work

Our consultation service is FREE! When you reserve your session, one of our team members would be patched with you via one of our communication outlets(either Hangouts, WhatsApp or Skype). Consultation will take place through these outlets; either by text chat or video chat until we provide results and your consultation needs have been met.

We will help you get

New Business Perspectives

Our unique business and marketing consultation services will make you learn a lot of new perspectives about your business that caters for your customers, that you may likely not have had a clue for. And also provide you with valuable insights and innovative ideas into new marketing strategies that you won't have considered

Out-of-the-box Insights

We will help you gain access to new set of ideas that are revolutionary. We work across all sectors and so you'll discover from us ideas that are out-of-the-box, that will guarantee a sure win for your brand

Business Facts

Most entrepreneurs always make the mistake of not having people who will tell them what they need to hear. That's one crucial thing that you will most likely be faced with when you don't take the opportunity to access our consultation services. We care about the growth of your brand and so will tell you what's essential for your brand's growth and not what you need to hear

Expertise & Knowledge

We're here to ensure that our full market experience is given for your brand's success. We're aware that most entrepreneurs have limited resources at their reach and so we'll ensure that no matter how small your resources, it will be properly deployed and results will be gotten

Market Flexibility

Flexibility is key for the success of any business. We're here to work with you in ensuring that your brand stands out be a force to reckon with in your industry. We'll design your market to be dynamic such that you're able to scale up or down depending on your evolving needs. No need in changing your core focus. Consultation is available now at just an email away

Saving Cost

For the interest of your brand you need to know that the cost of investing in employing marketing support staff is more than out sourcing. For your employee(s), you're responsible for monthly salary, allowances, insurance, pension etc. But when you out source, you pay the contract fee once and that's it without allowances, other benefits, insurance and pensions. So take the opportunity now and out source our rare consultancy services

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Deba Edoma

Deba Edoma

Cofounder & CEO



Cofounder & CEO

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