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We utilize the world’s most powerful CMS, WordPress, to create powerful, modern and easy-to-use websites that will help grow your business and boost conversions

Web design

We create website designs tailored to meet your specifications

Web development

We develop quality sites that will help grow your brand


We will help you maintain, and optimize your website, free of charge

WordPress powers 35% of the web, let us make your website ‘stand out’ from the crowd with our amazing services

Types of websites we create


What makes our work unique?

Free website maintenance

For every website we create, we will help you maintain it for a month, free of charge

Fast & optimized

Websites we create are optimized for speed. According to several research, the faster your website loads, the more sales and conversions you'll get. We guarantee your website will be the fastest it can be

Time Time Time!

Your time is very important to us, hence, we work with the duration you set for us and we deliver your work to you, in TIME!

Fixed rates

We don't believe in charging by the hour, we charge a fixed rate for your entire project. This helps provide more value for your money. Though fixed, our rates are negotiabe

Quality support

We will provide quality support for you for up to 4 months after your site has been created. This helps you get the best out of your website

Meeting your needs

We create websites that are tailored and prized to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, be it small businesses, startups, NGOs, large corporations etcetera, we've got you covered

SEO friendly

Websites we create are loved by search engines. We will create a search engine friendly URL structure as well as help you generate a sitemap that will make your website rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Responsive & mobile-friendly

We create mobile-friendly websites which provide an outstanding user experience. Our websites are optimized to be responsive across desktops, tablets & mobile devices


Here, we analyze your project and communicate it's cost to you via your preferred communication channel

We will discuss in details about your project's specifications & goals. Here, you will tell us exactly what you want, how you want it and when you would like it to be completed

We will set up a channel via Asana, so you can monitor your project every step of the way. As each step is completed, you'll be able to view it and give us feedback. This way you can relax and be rest assured we're doing an excellent job for you

This is the stage where development begins, here we create the necessary pages as per your specifications, the contact forms, fonts, widgets and everything you need will be created according to your request

At this stage, we will create the required designs to suite your tastes. Logos, colors, illustrations, photos, everything that will make your site beautiful and stand out will be created at this stage. PS: if you want, we will create an amazing logo for your business, free of charge!

This is the stage where we start making the necessary tweaks to make your site load fast, appear on Google and other search engines and so on. Here will use optimize your images, defer parsing of Javascript and CSS, leverage caching and implement other optimization techniques to your site to make it as fast and user-friendly as possible

At this stage, we will revisit and review your whole site to make sure everything is perfect and has been put in place. Here, we test everything to make sure all forms, emails, widgets, integrations and all the site's functionalities are working perfectly

This is the moment you've been waiting for. Here, we hand the site over to you

Here, we will teach you how to use and manage your new site. We will record a video training showing you how to make new posts, edit and create new pages and images, add new products etcetera, we've got you covered 😉. We will also provide support for you via video call and chat. Our support lasts for up to 4 months

Our generous offers

For every website we help you create, we will handle the maintenance of the site for up to 1 month, free of charge!

Our web design service is the cheapest you can get. Our pricing starts from as low as $200

For every website we develop, we will create all the landing pages' entire copywriting, free of charge!

For every website we create, the copywriting of the homepage will be on us, free

If you want, we will create an amazing logo for your business, free of charge!

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