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Our Aim

We aim to provide the best content pertaining to the topics we cover and also to enlighten people on these topics.

Hence, we are currently open to writers who have sound knowledge in any of the topics we cover here at WealthOnPoint.

Here at WealthOnPoint, we admire business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers as well as people who love enlightening others and making an impact. 

It is our pleasure to let you know you’d be very much welcome to share your knowledge here, on WealthOnPoint.

Benefits of writing for us

1. Gain exposure and be recognized as an expert in your field

2. Include links to your website and social media profiles in your author bio 

3. Get backlinks to your website embedded in each post (relevant and high quality links, only) 

4. Retain credits as the author of each post

5. Opportunity to create promotional posts (posts can contain links to your products, services or affiliate links)

Types of posts we accept

Your posts should be educative, enlightening and must be helpful. The posts don’t have to be extra long, they could be long, short or concise as long as they hit the nail on the head (very informational and helpful). 

Below are examples of articles we admire:

1. https://wealthonpoint.com/4-effective-ways-market-research-target-market/

2. https://wealthonpoint.com/10-lucrative-business-model/


4. https://wealthonpoint.com/10-shocking-facts-alibaba-group

Some basic rules

1. The links included in your post(s) should not be spammy and irrelevant (what this means: the links in your posts should be relevant to the topic being discussed. For instance, if you’re writing a post on how to make money as an author you could include links to your own book as an example or you could include links to book publishers like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You could also include links to your article, that’s if you have an article where you discussed about something similar or where you have an in-depth explanation of the topic)

2. We own the full rights to your articles (you can not publish your articles elsewhere, it is a practice Google hates, hence, we hate it too) 

3. Do not plagiarize (we check each article for plagiarism before publishing it. Hence, do not copy and paste and article. If you do, we would know and such article would not be approved) 

4. Your articles must be relevant (your articles must be relevant to the topics we cover here at WealthOnPoint, however we’re quite fluxible. You could include articles in related topics such as ‘make money from home’ etc)

General things to note

1. It is to be noted however that this position is not a paid position. 

2. We will hold all articles for moderation

3. We reserve the right to not publish your article(s) if it’s deemed unfit.

4. We usually take 24-48 hours to respond to emails

5. DO NOT post your article(s) on other websites

6. Once your request is approved, you’ll be added as an admin where you’ll gain access to write and publish your articles on our website.

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